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How does that work

First and foremost, we are the exact opposite of the ‘throw-against-the-wall-and-see-what- sticks’ method. Our focus is preparation. For the Media Sales Programme, religiously qualifying the leads in the market reduces the risk of failure. For On-Air Programming we define and unite all the vital elements of your radio station (strategy, music, morning show, drive show, promotions and marketing) in preparation for the creative execution. For Research we make sure you are talking to the right people, to give you the answers, you need to build a winning strategy.

A basic description of how we achieve results, is based on three key terms: strategy, implementation and coaching. From our experience, we know that these three fields go hand in hand to drive results, from first draft to cash flow and ratings.

After an initial market appraisal, where we scope the potential and agree on the strategic approach, as in target group needs, adequacy and offer to the advertiser and listener, we train the teams how to implement the strategy based on our findings and mutual agreements. This includes optimizing current and generating new audiences and advertisers, whose needs and goals, we will have well established.